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"Travel is the only thing in life you can buy that will make you richer."
Anna. 18 year-old amateur traveler. Aesthete. Tri-lingual. Blogger-extraordinaire. My URL simply means "wanderlust" in Italian, my favorite language.
>>Pictures in the "Where I've been" are all my own.




In Portofino and in this hotel history and imagination, fiction and news have always lived side by side.
(via Italian Ways | Portofino’s Hotel Splendido)

Portofino is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been

I was here JUST a year ago!
Ending my blogging spree with this amazing photo of Jerusalem taken from the Western Wall. Jerusalem has my heart.
a very ugly, yet much needed selfie with our group’s medic on the last night out clubbing in Jerusalem. So much is right with this photo
Camel riding 
Typical hookah and cocktail shenanigans on the last night in Israel / Jerusalem :-)))
Before Shabbos in Jerusalem
The wonderful city of Tzvat
The Kabbalah talk again… Just love how I can see the back of my head hahahaha
Old City of Jerusalem.